* Are you feeling unworthy in your Christian walk?

*Are you mired in guilt or unforgiveness?

* Do you seem to be “stuck” and can’t get out of a rut?

* Is your past keeping you from walking with your Savior the way you desire?

* Are you trying harder to keep up the facade of being happy with your Christian beliefs, but getting nowhere?

* Are you looking for answers, but only finding a bunch of “New Age” stuff that makes

you feel uncomfortable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I may be able to help you.

My name is Sherrie Rice Smith, and I am a Christian EFT practitioner. EFT is a scientific method of energy healing. With some 60-90 minute sessions, God can help you to:

* Release feelings of unworthiness that are rooted in some childhood events that left you with a deep sense of shame & lack of forgiveness for those who perpetrated the abuse

* With the Holy Spirit's help, strengthen of your Christian faith and your walk with your Savior.

* Come to grips with your past, and help you move into a fulfilling Christ-like future.

* And I do it all from a Christian perspective and in a Christ honoring way.

You may have never heard of EFT, but it has been around for about 3 decades. Through years of study and rigorous training, I have created a method of practicing EFT from a Christian perspective. No “gurus” from India, or “New Thought” mumbo jumbo here. What I do is teach you how to overcome your difficulties from a Christian perspective, and experience transformation in your Christian life.

Christian EFT is a process God uses for sanctification. Sanctification is removing our sinful habits and thoughts that move us to being more like Jesus. We will never be perfect. Jesus was the only perfect human, but we are created in God's image and we are responsible for our own behavior and life choices. EFT breaks those hurtful habits within our neurology that are hindering our Christian walk. 

God, in His grace and mercy, has given us something amazing in EFT. It is a self-help tool. Call me and tap with me for a few sessions and allow me to show you how well EFT works, or attend one of my 4 day EFT classes to learn many different facts and techniques.

Call me for a free 15 minute consultation to see if EFT is right for you.

If you would like to schedule EFT sessions, please click on the CONTACT page, or click on the SERVICES page and pick the package you desire.


What a delight to finally met you and take the Level 1 and 2 training under you.
As I stated I like your teaching style. You made the material easy to understand, so I walked away with confidence in my ability to proceed. The practice in class was invaluable.
Thanks for your enthusiasm for EFT as it is contagious. 

Thanks for the contact information.   I will be in touch.  Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the training.  You are a gifted teacher! 
Take care,

I am almost 100% better since our tapping session.  I have no doubt that I can continue to tap on the Mother/coughing situation (which I will) but I am amazed by how much my bronchitis cleared up.  Thank you!  K.J.

One of my friends came up to me after the concert and couldn't say enough about how incredibly helpful you were to her, how much better she felt and how she just loves doing the tapping.  Judy 

The Interview went well.  They will be scheduling the fourth one soon.  I got the big company job I wanted after three tapping sessions with you.  Thank you so much.  Amie  

Thanks, Sherrie!  You did a great job of explaining the difference.  I was taught the techniques you mention, that is not on the test-'Now I don't want you to think about.......'  Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for your clarity during the training.  Peace, Jack

I would like to thank you again for all you did at the EFT training.  You did a really awesome job. Kary L.

I know I said thank you, but I wanted to say it again. Thank you, meeting you was wonderful and you really did help me. I feel well. It is strange to have the same memories and not have the same feelings about them. I'd like to know how you become certified in EFT? It is something I'd like to do, it worked so well with me and I'd like to be able to help others using this great technique. Maria P.

"Sherrie is a very effective EFT practitioner. She gets to the heart of the issue very quickly, and comes up with effective solutions to solve the problem. She is the first practitioner that I have really felt comfortable talking with about personal issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance with EFT".
Steve Davis

"Sherrie is a trained and caring practitioner who guides her clients like myself to neutralize emotional negatives and the physical problems that they can promote. I found her to be very understanding and sincere, working with honesty and lots of support. She takes time to listen. Plus, if you are looking for a Christian professional to work with, this is the place to be.  EFT itself is simple and effective. This technique under Sherrie's direction really needs to be encouraged and promoted."  Carol H.

I think EFT has really helped me have some significant shifts in terms of my prior frustrations with my husband.  The tapping I did with you also helped greatly in my relationship with son - who is doing quite well!   Wonderful, major shifts over here! Immediately after our phone session, I was very happy.  I felt bright eyed.  I feel like a completely different person, like someone at a healthy/happy middle age would feel if they had been 100% safe, secure, and protected at the most critical moments of her life.  Melinde U.

 "I have been doing interestingly well.  Dealing with many things right now but one thing I noticed, Many of my fears have dissipated.  I have a much more peaceful feeling about myself in areas that were anything but peaceful.  Thank you again for sharing EFT with me and I hope one day to get back to you and do some more tapping but things are just too crazy right now. "  Catherine R.

"Sherrie,the tapping was so helpful and I want to do it with MS symptoms ..even tho I may not be having symptoms at the time we pick for tapping(like numbness or extreme fatigue..)the disease is there all the time and I can tap on a fear or better ..a blessing (such as I can stand and walk with a cane) the tapping with the scripture verses and these that you gave me here in particular was the most helpful of all.  My faith is very strong and the tapping while saying these  out loud will give me the serenity I pray for every day with the serenity prayer..I felt much calmer after we did that together. Thank you for this and for your patience. I,ll do this on my own for a little while and then we,ll work on the MS."  Jane T.

EFT with Sherrie has been a virtually lifesaving experience.  I'm still doing it.  I couldn't walk without falling two years ago and I was always in pain.  When I keep up with it, I'm back to normal.  I have constant conflict with my in-laws.  I've been able to avoid my anxiety when I see them...this is a work in progress but my perspective has changed.   Sharon S.

"Sherrie, Thanks so much for the tapping session last night!  I slept pretty good and hit the ground running this morning." ~ Joan M.

Thank you for EVERYTHING Sherrie!  You are a terrific mentor!  I'm so glad someone else has recognized that in you! Sarah

On EFT Mentoring:

Hi Sherrie,  

That was such a HELPFUL call this morning! I can't thank you enough. With your thoughts in my mind, I was able to zip through an outline for my presentation.

None of the bookstores around here had the Energy Medicine book but I was able to pick it up a little while ago at one of the libraries. Now, I can linger over the book over the next 10 days (somehow, Donna Eden wasn't on my radar before) and pad the presentation with some of her exercises. Very exciting. I can see these ladies in my mind standing up at the presentation and having a delightful time trying these things, which will really help break the ice and make them comfortable with what else I'll be able to share with them.

A million thanks, Sherrie. You're amazing. You really have so much to offer that can't be found (in one place!) anywhere else. You pull it together in an incredible way and have a special talent at breaking it down into just the right info for practitioners' needs, so that we can then move more efficiently to help our peeps. I have a lot of info in my head and my library here, but it seems overwhelming and I just glaze over with it all. You really helped me find a path so that I can do this presentation.

You're incredible.