I am taking EFT mentoring clients only.

 At this time, I'm not accepting new tapping clients, but I do have a wonderful group of Christian Practitioners with whom you can tap. I will be thrilled to give you a referral. Please call or email me for a referral. 

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To schedule EFT sessions with Sherrie Rice Smith at EFT for Christians pick one of the following packages below.

All sessions listed below are 1-on-1 individual sessions.  The following are in-person or phone sessions.

I prefer 90 minute sessions, as much more of God's healing can be accomplished, but I will consider 60 minute sessions, if you prefer.

A single 90 minute session $175.00

3 - 90 minute sessions for $475.00

6 - 90 minute sessions for $850.00

EFT Practitioner Mentoring $60.00 an hour

Disclaimer: Remember EFT is NOT a substitute for medical or psychological care, so please contact your own personal physician for these needs.